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итак, последние Лондонские новости
MET(Metropolitan Police Service) wants sexual equality for royal guards

The MET wants more gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender police officers
to quard the QUEEN (пи - пииии ! как повезло Королеве!) Scotland Yard has advertised for officers from "Special Groups" to join its armed SO14 royality protection banch.
Successful applicants will be expected to work 12-hour shifts at royal residences including Buickingham Palace...

The move has been criticised by former lying squad commander John O'Connor (все Джоны Конноры оказывается кого-то защищают, кто - повстанцев, а кто - пидаров), who said : "These are terrible jobs that no one wants to do. What could be more souldestroying (ааааа... спаситель души - немогууу) than to sit in a rasty sentry box for hours on end?"
не удивляемся если вскоре руководство школ и детсадов обеспокоится, что геев и лесбиянок явно не хватает в персонале

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