July 13th, 2009


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К акциям по сносу заборов, преграждающих проход на пляжи, вслед за жителями Южного берега Крыма присоединились и севастопольцы.
В минувшие выходные инициативная группа граждан снесла заграждение, мешавшее проходу на пляж «Скалка» в Карантинной бухте.

активист организации марксистов, один из участников акции Денис Денисов считает, что аналогичные акции следует проводить и в других районах Севастополя

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history - believe it or not this car was said to be originally built for the vatican but never made it over seas! this car was then sent to a catholic church in kentucky in 1962 where it spent its life hauling the nuns around on retreats and used as a everyday church vehicle. no this was not an airport limo!!! the engine blew in 1977 and was left behind the church till we came along. we actually met a man who worked in the factory where this car was built and backed up the story and confirmed that this is the only 62 dodge dart 8 door limo they ever produced!(amburster limo company) we at wicked rides inc. in philadelphia purchased the car in december and decided this would be a great hot rod power tour vehicle, so at the end of april this year we started the transformation!

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