July 14th, 2010


5 Ways Freelancers Can Help the Environment

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Set Up a Green Home Office
1. Use low VOC paint.variations
2. Rest your feet on natural flooring(Instead of a carpet, which requires a lot of energy and effort to keep clean, why not use natural tile, wood)
3. Choose “green” lighting.
4. Make sure your office furniture is eco-friendly.
For home office furniture, be creative and shop in thrift stores and garage sales for reusable or recyclable furniture
5. Be wise with paper.
6. Be environment-conscious when you print(power save mode, and ink save mode)
7. Be stingy… with energy.
8. Keep your air clean, fresh, and chemical free(green plants,programmable thermostat, not use conditioner)
9. Clean your home office naturally.
Green Your Transportation
Use Less Electricity
Minimize Your Use of Paper
Buy Sparingly(The very act of buying anything new means more packaging to throw away, and more stuff to keep clean, take care of it, and store.)