August 19th, 2011


это лол, подруга собралась машину покупать

эй, мужчин, где твой машин!

The car is in perfect condition ,no scratches,no damage,never involde in any accidents, the engine works perfectly, it has the service book and all papers.Is not leasing.The car is registered in Ukraine and you don't need pay extra money .
The car in mine but is registered to my partner name because i'm from Uk nationality and i can't registered the car on my name.
I can attach car photos if you want and are you ready buy my car and have money ready .Price is 5.000$

The car details:


I must tell you,i just moved with my family in London,United Kingdom and the car is in Kiev.
I can not drive the car here in England because the steering wheel on the left side.So I bought another car with the wheel on the right side and i didn`t pay all the amount That`s why i decide to sell this car so cheap. I need money to pay my other car before i`ll start to pay extra taxes.
Here is my phone number: +447017438323 but i don`t think you can call me because i just moved in to a new house and i still have some problems with the phone network.
I have nobody in Kiev.that could show you the car. I need to come personal to meet you and present the car.So please let me know if you are really interested to buy the car.Please don't spend my time with endless disscutions,or pure curiosity because i have another buyers ask me about the car but i can keep the car for you if you are 100% ready with the money cash and ready buy my car.