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(no subject)

кстати, на гуглмєп устарелая информация, и вместо Конкорда стоит теперь А-380

а я кстати, в 2002г еще застала, когда Конкорды летали - когда пролетал над местом, где я гостила (H~1000м) окна тряслись

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интересно, кому конкорд мешал? куда его дели?

все тупо и уныло - реклама
Concord Roundabout, a road traffic roundabout situated at the entrance to Heathrow Airport, London, is named after a scaled-down model of a British Airways Concorde which was displayed at the site for 16 years.[citation needed] The roundabout is passed by more than 25 million travellers[citation needed] annually making it one of the most valuable advertising properties. The current rent is thought to be about £1.5 million a year.

Emirates Airline has beaten stiff competition for the site and took it over from BA on 1 April 2007. Emirates is understood to be planning to put a model of the Airbus A380 - the double-deck superjumbo - on the roundabout. Emirates has signed a six-year deal for the site, ensuring it an increased international profile during the 2012 Olympic Games

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